Clothes Sale

Items listed here are brand new & instocks!

Meet up available for purchase of 2 piece & above!

Korean Floral chiffon dress ($10)
Standard size : S, M gals (Best fit for M gals) Bustline : Max 90 cm (very stretchable) Waistline : Max 90 cm (very stretchable) Dress length : 70 cm Strap length : Max 13cm Material : Lined Chiffon
1 red available!

Champagne cocktail dress ($18)
dress length : 78cm ; bustline : 88cm

1 black available
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Polka dots chiffon Dress ($17)
dress length : 73cm ; waistline : 80cm ; bustline : 96cm (elastic at back part)
1 red available.


Formal Blouse Top ($15)
Shoulder Width: 38cm, Sleeve Length:32cm, Bust: 90cm, Length: 60cm, Material: Cotton (A little shimmery which looks like satin material)
1 black & 1 white available.

Ribbon Waist Sweet Tee ($15)
Material :Cotton Bust :84-110CM Shoulder :34-48CM Sleeve Length: 54CM Length: 59CM (Note: This top is more suitable for the small-built)
1 white available.

Facoup Bikini Swim Wear ($14)
Material : Lycra
1 brown available.

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