Terms & Conditions

We want our customers, which is you, to be happy with your purchases and of course the service you are provided with. This is why we have adopted an exchange & refund policy that will give you the utmost in security and confidence when you shop with FimoCanes.com 🙂


We believe in sending our customers quality products. Delivering quality products is our highest priority. We will only do exchange for items which are delivered wrongly or items that are found to have defects. Under normal circumstances, customers should contact us within 3 days upon receiving the goods.

Customers should send us the defect goods within 7 days upon receiving the goods. We will do an exchange on the defected goods purchased upon receiving the returned goods. Please do note that postage and handling charges are not refundable, customers will have to bear the additional cost for sending the items back to us. To qualify for an exchange, the products returned must be in unused or unopened condition.


There is strictly no refund unless the goods you ordered are out of stock.

Please also note that:

  • All items will be check before mailing out.
  • FimoCanes is not liable for any lost or damaged items through normal postage.

Please note that pictures on our site are copyrighted, please seek our permission should you want to use them!

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